Your Family Birthstone Tree is beautifully engraved with everyone’s name and birthdate, and beside each name is their sparkling birthstone. Marriage dates and symbols may also be included. The engraving is framed in beautiful walnut or mounted on a richly finished walnut plaque ready to display in a place of honor.

Available in 2 Sizes Standard and Large
Standard Family Birthstone Tree (up to 30 names)
9" x 11" walnut plaque or 10-1/2" x 12-1/2" walnut frame with an 8" x 10" jewelers brass or nickel plated engraved plate
Large Family Birthstone Tree (up to 130 names)
13" x 15" walnut plaque or 14-1/2" x 17" walnut frame
11-1/2" x 13-1/2" jewelers brass or nickel plated engraved plate

Pricing consists of a base charge plus a per-name and per-birthstone charge. The base charge includes the Title, the Date of Occasion and the Surname.
Standard Size Base - $100
Large Size Base - $160
Plus Each Name, Birthdate & Birthstone - $15

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The Family Birthstone Tree
Rectangular Style
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